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Hitachi in Europe

  • How can we build a better future?

    Hitachi Construction Machinery has the solution

  • How can we make data work harder?

    Hitachi Data Systems has the solution

  • How can we inspire better, faster transport?

    Hitachi Rail Europe has the solution

  • How can we provide better healthcare?

    Hitachi Medical Systems has the solution

Committed to Europe

We are committed to delivering innovations that answer society's challenges. Inspiring key decision-makers to address the issues and challenges throughout Europe – creating a better world for generations to come.

As European society changes, Hitachi transforms it

Europe is changing rapidly. Urbanisation, population growth, shifting demographics and climate change are already having a profound effect on how we live, and this will only become more acute in the coming decades. In particular, the way we shape and develop our growing cities – many with ageing infrastructures – will become ever-more critical to a sustainable future. Our cities simply have to become far more navigable, resource-efficient and environmentally friendly.

We deliver technologies which help ensure society's sustainability; overcoming both the known and the unforeseen challenges yet to come. Changing society for the better, so we can all enjoy a better, brighter future.

Data Systems

Smarter data for generations to come.


Embracing life through better medical imaging solutions.


Increased speed, capacity, reliability and comfort – less environmental impact.


Delivering a powerful performance