Improved Clinical Imaging for more accurate diagnosis (Italy)

Hitachi Medical Systems' latest Oasis Open MRI Scanner, with powerful leading edge technology, delivers outstanding high-resolution clinical imaging for the Santa Maria della Misericordia Hospital in Rovigo, Italy.

Air conditioning

House of Waterford Crystal's new showroom displays the world's largest collection of Waterford Crystal pieces. Hitachi Air Conditioning – with its low noise, efficient and innovative solutions – enabled the showroom to be completed in a short time scale, providing a calm and comfortable environment for both staff and visitors.

A reliable solution for the International Space Station

Das Columbus-Modul, Teil der Internationalen Raumstation, wird vom Deutschen Raumfahrt-Kontrollzentrum überwacht. Die Hitachi Data Systems GmbH lieferte eine robuste und stabile Datenspeicherlösung, die für das Speichern und Abrufen von Daten und die Bereitstellung eines ausfallsicheren Betriebs des Columbus-Moduls rund um die Uhr unerlässlich ist.


Running on time - Britain's first High Speed Domestic Train Service