Air conditioning at Waterford Crystal showroom (Ireland)

Creating a relaxing space for visitors at Waterford showroom

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Elegant comfort – a discreet air conditioning solution

Since the early 1950s, House of Waterford Crystal has been producing exceptional crystal pieces using traditional methods. The attention to detail of the artisans can be seen in each individual piece.

The new showroom located at Waterford is an important space to display their work and let visitors from all over the world appreciate the pieces in a comfortable environment.

Challenge to create a stunning showroom

Sirus Building Energy Solutions worked with Waterford Crystal to find a solution that fit their need to create a peaceful and elegant space for visitors to browse the crystal pieces.

The system needed to be reliable and powerful enough to cope with large number of visitors in the show room at the same time, while maintaining a calm and quiet environment for them to enjoy the unique experience.

Aside from the specific requirements, they also had to cope with a number of different systems and short time scales.

One of the biggest challenges faced is the length of piperun, and the fact that Hitachi offer 1000 meter overall piperun, generally would suit most installations and this particular instance it didn't cause a problem and made the installation quite easy in fact.

Frank Caul, Managing Director, Sirus


A solution to fit different situations

Using the Hitachi Hi ToolKit software, Sirus provided Waterford with the full system design so they could very quickly see how everything fitted together.

The Hitachi system provides fresh air at an optimal temperature for a calm and relaxed environment.

We have excellent product selection software called Hitachi Hi Tool, and we can do a full schematic layout drawing for the project. It will do interconnecting wiring, it will work out the refrigeration charges to be added, and at the end of the project, it provides a full OEM manual for the engineers and everybody involved.

Fergus Daly, Area Sales Manager Ireland, Hitachi Air Conditioning Europe SAS

We wear the same uniform for the summer and the winter, so whether the weather outside is to hot or too cold, that's fine with us here because we can remain in our full uniform which gives us a more professional look and it's a lot more comfortable here for the staff.

Ann Walsh, Reception Team Leader, Waterford Crystal


Benefits of the new air conditioning system

With an energy efficient and reliable system from Hitachi, Waterford Crystal has a showroom with an easy to maintain and operate system that requires little attention from the staff, giving them more time to take care of their visitors and show their unique pieces of crystals in a comfortable environment.

We used the Hi Tool product which allows you to design the system on paper explaining to the client what their indoor units are going to look like.

Liam Cotter, Sales Director, Sirius

The system delivers a very comfortable environment, the customers are happy with this, the client is happy with it, and its confidence that this will continue to function for a long period of time.

Frank Caul, Managing Director, Sirus

The system is extremely easy to operate, once you have the temperature set, you can forget about it for the rest of the day, it just stays at the regular temperature.

Ann Walsh, Reception Team Leader, Waterford Crystal

It was the first time to work with the Hitachi brand and we've been delighted with the product we've received and work over the two year period in terms of its efficiency, its ease of use, and the beautiful ambient experience has given our visitors whether they come in winter or summer.

David McCoy, Commercial Team Leader, Waterford Crystal


About The House of Waterford Crystal

Waterford Crystal has become almost a synonym for the finest quality crystal sought after by collectors and connoisseurs around the world. Each piece of Waterford is watermarked with the word “Waterford”, a signature indicating the name of the finest crystal in the world.

The company of Waterford was first established in 1783 on land adjacent to Merchants' Quay in the heart of the Irish harbor town of Waterford. Its founders were two brothers, William and George Penrose, who were important developers and principal exporters in the city. Their vision was to “create the finest quality crystal for drinking vessels and objects of beauty for the home”. More than two hundred years later, the reputation they established for creating glass of unsurpassed beauty and quality has transcended the intervening centuries.

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