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Fundamental technology to support the early diagnosis of neurodevelopmental disorders from brain response at the time of medication

Tokyo, February 8, 2019 --- Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501, Hitachi), Jichi Medical University (JMU), International University of Health and Welfare (IUHW) and Chuo University (Chuo-U) have developed fundamental technology to support the early differential diagnosis of concurrent autism spectrum disorder(1) (ASD) in patients with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder(2) (ADHD).

Hitachi to Strengthen Business Structures for a Transformation into a Global Leader, as Laid Out in the 2021 Mid-term Management Plan

Tokyo, Japan, February 1, 2019 --- Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE:6501, “Hitachi”) today announced that on April 1, 2019, it will strengthen its business structures, in order to achieve a transformation into a global leader, as laid out in the 2021 Mid-term Management Plan.

Hitachi Strengthens Wind Power Generation System Business

Tokyo, January 25, 2019 --- Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501) today announced that it will strengthen its wind power generator maintenance services and expand its core product of wind power generation solution business, as part of efforts to strengthen its renewable energy business, including community-based and collaborative creation-oriented energy projects that combine solar power, storage batteries, EMS*1 and other elements.

Hitachi Announces Suspension of UK Nuclear Power Stations Construction Project and Posting of Impairment Loss and Related Expenses on Consolidated Basis, Posting of Extraordinary Loss on Unconsolidated Basis, and Revisions to Full-year Consolidated Business Forecast

Tokyo, January 17, 2019 --- Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501) today announced that it has decided to suspend its new nuclear power stations project in the UK (“Horizon Project”) that Horizon Nuclear Power Limited (“HNP”), a subsidiary of Hitachi and power generation development company in the UK, has been undertaking at Wylfa Newydd on Anglesey Island in north-west Wales. The decision was made from the viewpoint of Hitachi’s economic rationality as a private enterprise.

Remarks on Suspension of UK Nuclear Power Stations Construction Project at the Meeting for Media, Investors & Analysts (Summary)

I would like to report that at the Board of Directors meeting held today we decided to suspend the titled project (“Horizon Project”).

Since Hitachi acquired Horizon Nuclear Power Limited in 2012, we have been stepping utmost efforts to supply clean energy which does not emit CO2 by constructing nuclear power stations with two units of ABWR*1 which complies with the UK regulations and cost requirement, based on the reactor which has an extensive construction and operation track record in Japan.

Horizon suspends UK nuclear new build activities

Gloucester, United Kingdom, January 17, 2019 --- Horizon Nuclear Power has today announced that it will suspend its UK nuclear development programme, following a decision taken by its parent company Hitachi, Ltd. Horizon is developing the Wylfa Newydd nuclear plant on Anglesey in North Wales and has a second site at Oldbury on Severn in South Gloucestershire.
The company has informed the UK Government of the decision taken at the Hitachi Board meeting on 17th January not to continue with the current programme of activities.

Notice Regarding Transfer of Shares of Hitachi Automotive Systems Measurement

Tokyo, December 26, 2018 --- Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd. today announced that it has concluded a share transfer agreement with PTC2 Holdings Inc. a special-purpose company which is established by Polaris Capital Group Co., Ltd. to transfer all shares owned by Hitachi Automotive Systems in its wholly owned subsidiary, Hitachi Automotive Systems Measurement, Ltd., which engages in the energy station and plant construction businesses.

Restructuring of Automotive Lithium-Ion Battery Business

Tokyo, December 25, 2018 --- Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501) today announced that it had concluded an agreement with INCJ, Ltd. and Maxell Holdings, Ltd. to restructure the capital affiliation of Hitachi Vehicle Energy, Ltd., Hitachi’s wholly owned subsidiaries in the automotive lithium-ion battery business, to form a joint-stock partnership structure with these companies, and had concluded both a basic agreement and share transfer agreement with them.