Social Innovation

Research shows that a happier office is a more productive office. But what actually makes employees happy?
What does the future have in store for those born in 2017? Well to begin with, the way they drive, receive deliveries and pay for things will be very different from the norms of today.
What do your tweets say about you? More importantly, how can your business use data from social media? Many are now looking to the platforms for insight into financial predictions, voter sentiment and even crime heat maps.
What does the fourth era of manufacturing – known as “Industrie 4.0” – hold for us and how is this enhancing production?
The car, the mobile phone and even the tin can. There are some pieces of technology that changed our society and yet no one could predict quite how much. What were the misconceptions at the start and what can we expect from the Internet of Things which is fast approaching its peak of expectations?
AI is everywhere at the moment. But where did AI come from? And what moments in its history should we remember?
Most of us wouldn’t think twice about managing our finances and personal admin online. The thought of having to go into the bank to pay a bill, a norm not much more than a decade ago, seems very archaic. Yet as more and more people input personal data online, we are making it easier for criminals to discover the information needed to crack passwords, access accounts and even steal identities.
As the world becomes more urbanised, cities increasingly look to build up rather than out. But how can people be transported to these great heights?
The days when our safety and security were in the hands of the physically strong and powerful are long gone. Data is the new might. In today’s world with unprecedented forms of crime, and intense scrutiny around security, artificial intelligence is becoming our new superhero.
When the Great East Japan earthquake rocked Japan in March 2011, the country was knocked off its feet. Alongside the devastation wrought by the earthquake and ensuing tsunami, Japan faced the most challenging civil nuclear accident of recent years. Discover how robots are assisting with the clean-up.
What are the revolutionary ways in which big data has been used across history?
Once a technology solely seen in science fiction films like Minority Report, biometrics are coming into their own as consumers and businesses alike realise the benefits they bring.
We’re still a few years away from having robots at our beck and call, but artificial intelligence has already had a profound impact in the workplace.