Class 395 high-speed train (UK)

Transportation: Running on Time – Britian's first high class domestic train service

Running on time – Britain's first high-speed domestic train service

In 2004, Hitachi took 29 trains on order, leading to the creation of the fastest operating domestic service trains in the United Kingdom. The trains are based at a depot south of Ashford International Railway Station and usually run at 125 miles per hour.

A regular service commenced on the 30th of December 2009 carrying thousands of passengers daily to London, reaching St. Pancras Station in just 37 minutes from Ashford International Station and it's this success story which helped Hitachi introduce a new generation of rail travel to Europe.


  • Achieving Japanese quality in UK is a big challenge because of different regulations, standards and infrastructures.
  • Deliver trains that are reliable, safe and which meet the requirements of stakeholders.

Stakeholders and passengers feedback

  • Listen to the key stakeholders talk about how efficient teamwork between everyone involved has resulted in a successful service.
  • Understand why the trains are so popular amongst commuters.

Future plans

  • Delivering quality – Hitachi is all about continuous improvement.