Hitachi Smart Cities Energy Group & Western Power Distribution (UK)

Smart Grid: Voltage control system for the low carbon economy.

Hitachi Europe Smart Cities Energy Group and Western Power Distribution

The need to preserve the environment through reducing CO2 emissions is recognised by governments worldwide. The UK has ambitious targets to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 80% from 1990 levels by 2050. Part of the answer is to increase the use of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power, however this causes challenges for the UK's electricity distribution networks. Hitachi Europe Smart Cities Energy Group is instrumental in helping Distribution Networks Operators (DNOs) meet these challenges.

Andres Larriera

Hitachi Europe Smart Cities Energy Group delivers innovative solutions for electricity Distribution Network Operators, building on information & control and power engineering capabilities from Japan.

Andres Larriera
Head of Smart Cities Energy Group,
Hitachi Europe Ltd.

Akira Shimizu

Hitachi is very proud to be part of this project with Western Power Distribution, and we are delighted with the initiative by Ofgem to support the trialling of new technologies, operating and commercial arrangements for DNOs through its Low Carbon Networks Fund.

Akira Shimizu
Managing Director
Hitachi Europe Ltd.

The challenge for Western Power Distribution

  • Helping reduce CO2 emissions by integrating more renewable power generation onto the Western Power Distribution network.
  • Controlling the voltage fluctuations caused by the constantly variable power generated by renewable energy sources such as wind turbines.

A solution new to Europe

  • Installing Hitachi's first voltage control system in Europe.
  • Drawing on Hitachi's expertise gained in the Japanese power industry.

Benefits of the voltage control system

  • Sharing the knowledge gained through the project to inform future network development.