Hitachi finger vein technology for bank PBS (Poland)

Security: Finger Vein Technology for Bank PBS

Hitachi Finger Vein Technology

BPS Bank and Podkarpacki Bank Spoldzielczy, which belongs to the BPS Group, are the first in Poland and furthermore Europe to implement a biometric ATM network using Finger Vein technology.

This innovative technology allows for the withdrawal of both money and benefit payments across Poland via high street ATM units. BPS Group consists of 366 cooperative agriculture banks and BPS Bank as the associate bank.


  • Learn why PBS Bank implemented Hitachi Finger Vein technology in Poland.
  • A number of issues had to be considered in order to guarantee success.


  • Hitachi worked closely with PBS Bank to ensure the correct solution to their needs.
  • Finger Vein Technology has many advantages and has transformed customer's experiences.

Future opportunities

  • Beyond ATM's Finger Vein Technology has many exciting applications.