Hitachi data storage solution for German Space Operations Center (DLR)

A Reliable Solution for the International Space Station.The German Space Operations Center uses Hitachi data storage to manage experiments in space.

Hitachi Data Storage Solution for German Space Operations Center (DLR)

In February 2008 a new European Research Laboratory on the International Space Station was commissioned. It was called the Columbus Module and since its launch all European ISS data from the experiments, observations and operations have been collected, monitored and recorded by the German Space Operations Centre (DLR) in Germany, the Headquarters for European Human and Satellite space flight. It collects data such as ISS commands, telemetry, video, voice loops and data from the many experiments carried out onboard Columbus. The Centre needed a reliable and stable data storage system.

Dr Rolf Kozlowski

The Columbus module is used for the Astronauts to perform their experiments so they can do their job. We have to make provision on the ground for the life support system, for the communications and for their timetable.

Dr Rolf Kozlowski
Deputy Head of the Communications & Ground Station Department,
German Aerospace Center

Dirk Neumann

We met DLR on an event we had together with Hitachi Data systems. DLR had a very challenging situation in building up a new infrastructure. That was very interesting for Hitachi Data Systems and ASSISTRA to work together and find the best solution for them.

Dirk Neumann

The challenge to the German Space Operations Center (DLR)

The task of monitoring the experiments carried out on-board the European Space Agency laboratory, on the International Space Station, put an extremely high demand on the existing data storage system, which became unstable.
A replacement data storage system was needed, which accommodated existing applications and infrastructure and provided a more robust and reliable solution, to ensure failsafe operation 24/7.

A solution to the demanding requirements of aerospace

Testing in the Hitachi labs and then conducting a six month trial in the German Aerospace Center to prove the solution was reliable and robust.

Benefits of the new data storage system

A flexible and reliable data storage solution which is future-proof for the rest of the space mission.