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Air Conditioning: Creating a relaxing space for visitors at Waterford showroom

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Elegant comfort – a discreet air conditioning solution

Since the early 1950s, House of Waterford Crystal has been producing exceptional crystal pieces using traditional methods. The attention to detail of the artisans can be seen in each individual piece.

The new showroom located at Waterford is an important space to display their work and let visitors from all over the world appreciate the pieces in a comfortable environment.

Challenge to create a stunning showroom

  • Installing the equipment within a tight timescale to fit in with existing installations.
  • Low noise and gentle to maintain a relaxed and pleasant environment.
  • A system that can cope with large number of visitors.

A solution to fit different situations

  • A low noise, optimal energy efficiency system.
  • Using Hitachi Hi ToolKit software to create the full schematic of the project, meeting the requirements of the building consultants and technical advisors.

Benefits of the new air conditioning system

  • A high quality and reliable system.
  • Easy to operate and adjusting automatically to maintain the right temperature.
  • Enabling staff and visitors to be comfortable in the showroom all year round.

House of Waterford Crystal

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Release Date:
Mar. 2013

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Air conditioning

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Hitachi Air Conditioning Europe SAS