Saving water for Hilton Istanbul (Turkey)

Saving a valuable resource by treating grey water. A global hotel organization reduces water consumption by working with Hitachi.

Hitachi Infrastructure Systems helps Hilton Istanbul achieve sustainability goals

The Hilton Istanbul opened in 1955 and is the first International 5 Star Hotel in Turkey and the longest serving Hilton Hotel outside the Americas. It remains one of the premier hotels in Istanbul, with 499 rooms. The hotel is part of Hilton Worldwide, the world's leading hospitality company, comprising ten brands and over 4,000 hotels. It operates in 90 countries and has more than 670,000 rooms worldwide. Since the Hilton Worldwide Brands touch thousands of communities and millions of people every day, sustainability is extremely important to their business philosophy. It is their goal to lead their industry with sustainable practices that help protect the world in which we live. One of these sustainability goals is to reduce water consumption by 10 per cent over a five year period. The Hilton Istanbul is at the forefront of this challenge, leading the way by using new technologies to save water. This Case Study will show you how.

The challenge facing the Hilton Istanbul

Rapid population growth and urbanisation are placing stress on the water supplies of Istanbul. The Hilton Istanbul have a sustainability policy and wished to explore ways of reducing water consumption, for both environmental reasons and to help reducing the cost of water, which was constantly increasing. Working together with Hitachi a solution was devised to re-use the hotel's grey water for irrigation of the 15 acres of gardens.

A solution to re-use the hotel's grey water

An Hitachi membrane bioreactor system was installed at the hotel and it now treats the grey water so that it can be used for irrigation and for ornamental fountains.

Benefits of the membrane bioreactor system

The hotel has reduced water consumption without compromising on the facilities offered to guests. The solution saves money and enhances the environment.