Global e-Service for heavy plant machinery (UK)

Bringing new efficiency to heavy plant machinery. Hitachi's Global e-Service makes life much easier for machinery suppliers like HM Plant and end-users like Land & Water Group.

Fleet management and administration made easy

Global e-Service by Hitachi monitors machines' performance and minimises administration times. It is an innovative a web-based system that allows dealers and construction teams to keep close track on their fleets – essential when times are tough. It can automatically monitor location, movement, hours, fuel consumption, power and more, helping to reassure clients, identify problems, and create operating efficiencies.

Gary Donaldson

Services can be predicted, so we can plan and arrange them, taking a lot of the administration workload off the customer, which is a great advantage to them when times are tough.

Gary Donaldson
Area Product Support Manager,
HM Plant Ltd.

Richard McLean

More and more of our customers are becoming conscious of how much fuel we're burning, and looking for more and more efficient machines all the time.

Richard McLean
Land & Water Group Plant Hire

The challenge of collating vital information for operational efficiency

For companies like HM Plant and Land & Water Group, knowing every detail about their construction machinery is critical. Not just where they are and when, but how much fuel they are using and whether they need a spare part. They need a real-time, fail-safe system, that puts them fully in the picture and helps them effectively manage their resources.

A solution to keep constantly in touch with logistics, performance and condition

Hitachi's Global e-Service isn't quite a crystal ball, but it gives fleet managers a deep insight into how their equipment is being used, and how to enhance performance.

The benefits of Global e-Service

A flexible and reliable data storage solution which is future-proof for the rest of the space mission.