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Hitachi in Europe

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Contacts for products and services enquiries

IT and Telecommunication
broadcast and professional video cameras, data storage solutions, finger vein autentication solutions, interactive whiteboards, IT consulting services, projectors, server blade, server NAS (network attached storage), telecommunication products
Infrastructure Systems
commercial and industrial air conditioning systems, railway systems sourveillance systems (cctv)
Industrial Systems
chassis camera, compressors, drives and automation, hoists, industrial video cameras, ink-jet printers, milling cutters
construction machinery, power tools
Electronic Devices and Equipment
drives and automation, electronic components processing equipment (manufacturing, assembly and inspection), flash cards, power semiconuctors
Medical, Scientific and Laboratory Equipment
bioinformatics software, clinical diagnostic systems, electron microscopes and components, medical imaging solutions (mri, ct, ultrasound), spectrophotometers and other scientific instruments
High Functional Materials and Components
chemical industry products, metals industry products and speciality steels, wires and cables
Automotive Systems
automotive components and parts, car information systems, drive control systems, electronic powertrain systems, engine management systems
Financial and Business Services
business and consumer finance, design services, invoice factoring, IT consulting services, logistic services, moulding services, procurement and sourcing services, vehicle solutions
Home Electronics
audio and video accessories (headphones, MP3 players, recording supports), batteries, breadmakers, DAB radios, camcorders, clock radios, coffee makers and kettles, digital cameras, DVD players, fax machines, food steamers, home air conditioners, home projectors, memory cards, power tools, printers, shavers, toasters, TVs, USB pen-drives, VCRs and other consumer products

Contacts for press enquiries

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Contacts for other enquiries

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