Hitachi Environmental Plan

Since its founding in 1910, Hitachi has acted from a corporate philosophy of contributing to society through technology. Our pioneering spirit is based on the principles of harmony and sincerity. Our corporate statement “Inspire the Next” is a declaration of our vow that the Hitachi brand will continue to meet the expectations of our customers and society in this age of information, knowledge and the empowered consumer.

[image] Our environmental vision is to prevent the global warming by reducing CO2 emmissions in energy production and enhancing the energy efficiency of our products, to conserve resources by reusing and recycling products and to preserve the ecosystem by reducing our impact on air, water and soil. This is Hitachi's path towards a sustainable society.

Hitachi has been at the forefront of developing efficient technologies and solutions that provide sustainable benefits for decades. Hitachi is committed to providing a better future for generations to come and therefore embarked on several environmental programmes to benefit society in the short and long term.

To address sustainable needs, Hitachi has three sustainable programmes:

  • Environmental Vision 2015 – Achieve emission neutral by pursuing production that reduces the environmental burden of products throughout their life cycle. We intend to achieve this by reducing the environmental load of production activities, while at the same time improving the environmental efficiency of products to reduce their environmental load.
  • Environmental Vision 2025 – The goal of our Environmental Vision 2025 is to help reduce annual CO2 emissions by 100 million tonnes by 2025 through our products and services using our combined technological strengths.
  • CoolCenter50* – Please note: CoolCentre50 is a project delivered by Hitachi Ltd. in Japan seeking to used the combined power of the Hitachi group to develop data centres which reduce data centres' overall power consumption by up to 50% of their FY2007 level by FY2012.

More detail about Hitachi environmental vision


The global demand for data continues to grow at a staggering pace. The result is increased demand for server space, server density, and power requirements to fuel the data centre requirements. With emissions from data centres on the rise corporations understand a change from the norm is required. As a result, in 2007 Hitachi embarked on the CoolCenter50 programme. The CoolCenter50 programme is a commitment by Hitachi to reduce DC power consumption by 50% in a span of 5 years. In order to achieve this goal Hitachi brought together the collective product innovation of the Hitachi group, encompassing a host of technologies to drive efficiencies including next generation IT equipment as well as efficient cooling solutions, power supplies, switchgear, and management software.