Automotive Systems

Automotive Systems

Hitachi Automotive Systems

Hitachi supplies high-quality components for the automotive industry to a range of well-known vehicle makers. Our automotive systems include engine management, electric powertrain, drive control and car information.

Drive control systems

Hitachi Drive Control Systems

Hitachi drive-control systems use advanced By-Wire technology to keep cars running smoothly, turning and coming to a halt when they need to. You wouldn't get very far without them.

Electronic Powertrain Systems

Hitachi Drive Control Systems

In our drive towards a sustainable future, we are developing next-generation integrated electromechanical technologies (energy management). These will pave the way for new electric-motor and electronic cars.

Engine Management Systems

Hitachi Engine Management Systems

Hitachi's highly efficient engine management systems are built to be environmentally friendly. They represent a significant step forward in the fight against global warming and air pollution.

Car Information Systems

Hitachi Car Information Systems

Motorised travel is here to stay, but the next generation needs to be far more socially and environmentally responsible. Hitachi Car Information System (CIS) introduces a far more intelligent, joined-up way of driving, maintenance and logistics.

Automotive Components, Parts and Products

Hitachi Automotive Components, Parts and Productss

Hitachi has plants and factories throughout Europe that manufacture high-quality components for the automotive industry. We supply a range of well-known vehicle makers, to the highest possible standards.