Electronic Devices & Equipment

Electronic Devices & Equipment

Hitachi Electronic Devices Equipment

Drawing upon the Hitachi Group's advanced technologies, we provide systems that support the information society, including semiconductor manufacturing equipment, electronic component processing equipment and electronic devices.

Electronic Devices

Hitachi Flash Cards

Flash Cards

Hitachi manufactures fast, reliable flash cards. These work with digital cameras, camcorders, MP3 players, handheld PCs, PDAs, printers and any other electronic devices featuring a CompactFlash™ card slot.

Hitachi Power Semiconductors

Power Semiconductors

Hitachi power semiconductors are applied to a wide range of high-power control applications throughout the world, including IGBTs for EV/HEV inverter systems, high-power inverters (locomotive, OHV drive systems), and alternative energy (photovoltaic inverter and wind turbine converter systems). Hitachi power diodes are also used widely in the automotive industry.

Hitachi Drives and Automation

Drives and Automation

The range of Hitachi Automation products includes AC-Inverters, PLCs, AC-Servo systems and Industrial HMIs. All products meet our high quality standards and our focus is on reliability, ease of use and cost performance. All global standards such as CE, UL, and RoHS are met and we support a wide range of recognised Fieldbus systems.

Electronic Components Processing Equipment

Hitachi Semiconductors Inspection Equipment

Semiconductors Inspection Equipment

Often operating in critical situations, it's imperative that semiconductors are working properly. Reliable and effective, our state-of-the-art inspection equipment makes sure that you know exactly where you stand, putting your mind at ease.

Hitachi Power Semiconductors

Semiconductors Manufacturing Equipment

Hitachi High-Technologies is involved in the most advanced technologies, anticipating the next big breakthroughs. We install, maintain and service semi-conductor manufacturing equipment, making sure it is working to optimum performance.