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Hitachi in Europe

Infrastructure Systems

Hitachi Infrastructure

Hitachi provides infrastructure products and services that form the underpinning of people's daily lives and their communities, such as railway vehicles and control systems, power generation systems and building systems.

Rail Systems

Hitachi Rail Systems

Hitachi has been at the forefront of rail transport since the 1920s, and today we are developing new systems for the 21st Century. Our revolutionary A-train design can be adapted for commuter trains, express trains and even high speed trains like the Shinkansen bullet trains in Japan.

Building Systems

Hitachi Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Systems

Hitachi's air-conditioning range is one of the most extensive around. From 2kW wall mounted units right up to fully modulating screw compressor chillers of over 1000kW, there's a model for everything – from the domestic conservatory to the modern multi-storey office environment.

Hitachi Compressors for Air Conditioners

Compressors for Air Conditioners

Hitachi compressors feature compact horizontal scrolls, dramatically reducing their size, so they can be used in many different contexts. Low in noise and vibration, our innovative Algebraic Scroll gives you 20% energy savings over conventional refrigeration compressors.

Hitachi Surveillance

Surveillance Systems (CCTV)

Our range of professional video cameras is extensive, covering surveillance, industrial and medical applications. We're constantly introducing new technologies, but currently supply near-infrared CCD surveillance cameras, miniature cameras for microscopy, cameras for robotics and 3CCD cameras, among many others.