Information Technology & Telecommunication

Information Technology & Telecommunication

Hitachi information technology

Hitachi provides IT services that address customers' diverse needs throughout the entire lifecycle of systems, ranging from consulting to system integration, operation, maintenance and support. These solutions and products fuse Hitachi's extensive expertise in a diverse range of business fields including financial services that leverage advanced information technology.

IT Consulting Services

Hitachi information technology consulting

Hitachi Consulting is the global management consulting and IT services business of Hitachi Ltd., a global technology leader and a catalyst of sustainable societal change. In that same spirit — and building on its technology heritage — Hitachi Consulting is a catalyst of positive business change, propelling companies ahead by enabling superior operational performance. Working within their existing processes and focusing on targeted functional challenges, we help our clients respond to dynamic global change with insight and agility. Our unique approach delivers measurable, sustainable business results and a better consulting experience.


Hitachi data storage

Data Storage Software

Hitachi's storage software protects and manages your data, improves performance and helps reduce costs.

Hitachi finger vein identification

Finger Vein Authentication

A genuine breakthrough in the fight against identity fraud, Hitachi VeinID is far more effective than passwords, PINs or security questions. Without the need for physical contact, the system can instantly check the unique pattern of veins in a person's finger to make sure they are exactly who they claim to be.


Hitachi servers

Blade is the fastest-growing server format on the market, giving you enormous savings in space, power and weight compared to traditional rack-mount servers. Ever reliable, they are simple to install, use and manage.

Data Systems & Storage Solutions

Hitachi data storage solutions

Data Storage Solutions

Hitachi Data Systems keep all your vital information safe, secure and easy to manage. Answering our customers' needs, we've developed a comprehensive range of hardware, software and services.

Hitachi Network Attached Storage

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Hitachi Data Systems provides top-of-the-range network attached storage (NAS) and storage area network (SAN) solutions with a focus on performance and ease of use.

Display Products

Hitachi projectors


The new generation projectors from Hitachi meet the needs of business people and educators. Clear, bright, portable and easy to use, they incorporate security features and can easily be connected to your network. The range includes models with ultra-short throw technology.

Broadcast and Professional Cameras

Hitachi professional cameras

Using advanced chip technology, Hitachi Kokusai Electric broadcast cameras and professional video equipment are synonymous with quality and dependability. They give you brilliant image quality, simple handling and outstanding performance time after time.