High Functional Materials and Components

High Functional Materials and Components

Hitachi High Functional Materials and Components

Hitachi draws upon its wealth of technologies and expertise to provide various materials and products that support advanced functions and a host of diverse products in fields ranging from IT to consumer electronics and automobiles. These materials and products include specialty steels, magnetic materials, wires and cables, copper products, semiconductor and display materials, advanced performance materials and synthetic resin products.


Hitachi Chemical Materials

Hitachi Chemical is promoting a “Material System Solution” that provides customers with solutions to problems in product development from a comprehensive point of view regarding materials and technologies.


Hitachi Metal Materials

Hitachi Metals offers an incredibly wide range of products to serve the needs of its customers, covering fields as diverse as electronics, automotive parts, machinery, construction and the environment.


Hitachi Cable Materials

Hitachi Metals incorporated Hitachi Cables to offer an even wider range of products suitable for different markets, from electric wires and cables for power distribution to optical cables for reliable high-speed data exchange.