Medical, Scientific and Laboratory Equipment

Medical, Scientific and Laboratory Equipment

Hitachi Medical Systems

Hitachi provides most advanced medical imaging solutions and services to the medical and healthcare community.
From the world's strongest open high-field 1.2T MRI and patient-friendly open permanent MRI/CT systems to state-of-the-art ultrasound platforms, proton beam therapy systems, electron microscopes and laboratory equipment, all responding to society's and customers' changing needs.

Medical Imaging Solutions

Hitachi Medical Imaging

Hitachi understands that healthcare is an integral part of our social infrastructure. Through the development of highly innovative technologies and medical imaging solutions, we are striving to create a healthy and secure life for all in the twenty-first century.

Clinical Diagnostic Systems

Hitachi clinical diagnostic systems

Produced with partner Roche, Hitachi's clinical diagnostic systems have set new standards in laboratories worldwide. Flexible and simple to use, they are set apart by user-friendly touch-screen operation, and security features like bar-coded sample identification.

Electron Microscopes

Hitachi Electron Microscopes

Hitachi High-Technologies is one of the world's leading suppliers of electron microscopes. Our instruments combine precision and performance with user-friendliness — we’re making them consistently smaller and more energy efficient too.

Electron Tubes

Hitachi Electron Tubes

Hitachi precision electronic components include semiconductors, integrated circuits, LCDs and colour display tubes. These are incorporated into many leading-edge products — phones, smart cards, in-car entertainment systems, computer equipment, and more.

Scientific Instruments

Hitachi Scientific Instruments

Hitachi design and develop a range of super-accurate scientific instruments. Our range of specialist analytical equipment helps scientists collect vital data and take measurements of all kinds.


Hitachi Spectrophotometers

Hitachi instruments are used in chemistry, biochemistry, toxicology, materials science, environmental and clinical chemistry. We offer a broad range – for routine analysis and quality control, to teaching and leading-edge scientific research.

Bioinformatics Software

Hitachi Bioinformatics Software

Hitachi Software brings you the next generation of research instrumentation and software. Our market-leading products including bioinformatics software, imaging systems and array instruments.