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Hitachi in Europe

Social Innovation Forums

Upcoming Forums

Social Innovation Forums are being planned for the UK and Germany in 2016, Please contact us for further information:

Past editions

6th Social Innovation Forum (Istanbul, Turkey)
Istanbul (Turkey), 26 November 2015
topic(s): transport, energy, healthcare, big data
5th Social Innovation Forum (Munich, Germany)
Munich (Germany), 22 October 2015
topic(s): energy, industry 4.0
4th Social Innovation Forum (London, UK)
London (UK), 17 June 2015
topic(s): transport, healthcare, big data
3rd Social Innovation Forum (Istanbul, Turkey)
Istanbul (Turkey), 3 December 2014
topic(s): industry 4.0, intelligent infrastructure, transport, healthcare, big data
2nd Social Innovation Forum (Berlin, Germany)
Berlin (Germany), 15 October 2014
topic(s): industry 4.0
1st Social Innovation Forum (Istanbul, Turkey)
Istanbul (Turkey), 19 February 2014
topic(s): smart water solutions, intelligent infrastructure