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Hitachi European Research and Development Centre (ERD)


Information & Communication (ICT). Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

The main current research topic of ICTL is “C2X Communication Systems and EV Telematics”. The aim is to develop and accumulate service-oriented ICT technologies in the “Intelligent Transport Systems” field, and apply them to the other fields, especially on infrastructures for social innovation business in smart environments.

Furthermore, the ICTL team actively participates and contributes to standardisation (ETSI and C2C-CC) and public projects' activities on ITS in Europe, as well as to internal industrial projects and development.

The following diagrams show the current focus and recent history of the European ITS community.

picture : ETSI (Technical Commitee ITS)
European Telecommunication Standard Institute (ETSI) – Technical Commitee ITS

picture : ICTL involved in ITS projects/associations
ICTL involved in ITS projects/associations (in red)