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Hitachi Power Device Division


About Us

Sophisticated power semiconductors bring efficiency, comfort and convenience to life. Power semiconductor devices are widely used for power conversion, motor control, industrial equipment, transportation, office equipment and home appliances. IGBTs are paving the way for wider application of highly efficient inverter technologies. In so doing, they unlock the door to greater comfort and convenience while extending better protection of our environment. Hitachi's diode technology remains a long term partner to the European automotive industry with reliable and effective rectifier and surge protection solutions, whilst high voltage ICs continuously help to ensure our associates motor efficiency targets can be achieved with the quickest time to market. Hitachi is continuously enhancing its power device lineup for greater capacity and higher performance, making the most of sophisticated design and manufacturing expertise.


Our commitment to quality is solid and uniform throughout the range of product sizes and applications. To contribute to society through the development, production and delivery of power semiconductors devices that satisfy our customers' requirements. We are committed to this policy which is of paramount importance as it represents the spirit of our quality assurance operations. Our commitment to quality is uniform regardless of the size of the device. We make a point of ‘Going all out to offer products and services of superior quality’. From quality control in each process of our operations through strict quality testing to after sales service, our quality control system is rich in content and proven. It enables us to offer power semiconductor devices of superior reliability.

Hitachi , Ltd. Power & Industrial Systems, who produce these systems are registered as ISO14001 “Environment management system”

Registration No: EC98J1001
Registration date: 20/04/1998

ISO 9001
Quality assured with superior production systems.

ISO 14001
To preserve an abundant earth through products and activities that are friendly to the environment. ...