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Hitachi Power Device Division


Electric Grid Expo 2016 , Moscow, Russia – 6th - 9th December


Hitachi power devices will be on display at the Electric Grid Expo at the Prospekt Mira in Moscow, Russia on the 6th ~ 9th December through distributor MT System stand on Pavilion No.75, hall A, booth 126.



Please feel free to drop by the stand for a chat about our products!





Power Electronics Exhibition 2016 , Moscow, Russia - 25th - 27th October


Hitachi Europe Power Device Division, in partnership with Russian distributor, MT System, will be exhibiting at the Power Electronics Exhibition at the Crocus Expo in Moscow, Russia on the 25th ~ 27th October. Please visit us at Stand A419!



Mr. Katsuaki Saito will also be hosting a seminar on "New Generation IGBT and SiC in New Housing nHPD2" at the conference hall on the 25th October from 13:00pm ~ 14:00pm.





InnoTrans 2016, Berlin, Germany - 20th - 23rd September


Hitachi power devices will be showcased under distributor Poseico Italy's stand at Hall 15.1 115 at Messe Berlin on the 20th ~ 23rd September.



Please feel free to drop by the stand and check out our products!




Energetab International Power Industry Fair 2016, Poland - 13th - 15th September



Hitachi power device products will be on display in the 2016 Energetab International Power Industry Fair in Bielsko Biala, Poland.


These will be showcased under Polish distributor Markel Sp. z.o.o.'s stand in Hall E, Stand number 4.



We look forward to seeing you there!




SiC IGBT Datasheets


SiC IGBT datasheets are now available in the website: Hitachi Power Semiconductor Device Ltd.




PCIM 2016, Nuremberg, Germany - 10th ~ 12th May


Thank you for visiting our stand at Hall 7, Stand 348 at the Messe Exhibition Centre.


For enquiries about SiC IGBT modules, nHPD2, and other information about our products, please email us at or call us at +44 1628 585145




Power Electronics Exhibition 2015, Moscow, Russia - 27th ~ 29th October


Hitachi Europe Limited Power Device Division products will be showcased in the 2015 Power Electronics Exhibition in Moscow, Russia.


These will be displayed under Russian distributor MT System's stand in Hall 1, Pavilion No. 1, Stand number A123.


Mr. Katsuaki Saito will also do a lecture on the 3.3kV and 1.7kV nHPD2 IGBT products and 4.5kV IHM on the 29th of October from 11:00am ~ 12am.


We look forward to seeing you there!



Energetab International Power Industry Fair 2015, Poland - 15th - 17th September


Hitachi Europe Limited Power Device Division products will be on display in the 2015 Energetab International Power Industry Fair in Bielsko Biala, Poland.


These will be showcased under Polish distributor Markel Sp. z.o.o.'s stand in Hall E, Stand number 1.


Please come and visit us for a chat about the products.


PCIM 2015 - 19-21 May.

Hitachi Europe Limited will once again be exhibiting at PCIM in Nuremberg.

Please do come along and visit our stand to see what's new!.

We will be in Hall 7, Stand number 348.

We look forward to welcoming you.



24th September 2014

HITACHI introduces the next High Power Density Dual - nHPD2

nHPD2 offering 80% lowered internal stray inductance and providing easier DC-connectivity enables not only withdrawing full benefit of wide-band gap devices but also further refining of existing state-of-the-art Silicon devices.

Features of  

"Low inductance" realized by dual configuration. The 9nH 450A 3300V dual IGBT offers more than an 80% reduction versus latest Hitachi F-version technology. Potential total inductance reduction of 70% by the collaborative activity with bus-bar system and capacitor optimization.

"High Power Density" offers a further 10% improvement in performance using Hitachi's F-version chip technology - advanced trench HiGT(*1) - itself already offering 20% more power in conventional packages since its 2014 launch. Hitachi's high voltage SiC technology will be applied to this package.

"Scalable", large currents can easily be handled by paralleling. The design offers component standardisation throughout the industrial voltage classes (1700-6500V).

"Temperature sense" made available for system side monitoring and greater reliability under harsh overload conditions.


(* 1) HiGT, High Conductivity IGBT

For more information on nHPD2, please click here nHPD2


New 2-level inverter solution tool is now available online for real time power loss estimations. The tool is available for all HV-IGBT types currently under production. It is simple to register and easy to use. Merely add your application conditions and you will be presented with the estimated power losses and relevant junction temperatures. Additional information or support may be requested via our CONTACT US page.

4500V E2 IGBTs get ready for mass production  -  Hitachi Europe Ltd is pleased to announce the introduction of two new 1200A 4.5kV IGBTs and NPC dual diodes for 2 level and 3 level medium voltage inverters. Featuring de facto standard high isolation package designs, the MBN1200H45E2 and MBN1200H45E2-H allows the power systems engineer to select their main inverter switch according to the dominant losses of the application. Isolation voltage options are available to support non de-ionised water cooling. More information and samples are available upon request via the Contact Us section.  

Pulsar IC HDL6V5582  -  Following the success of the single chip Pulsar IC 5581 for medical ultrasound applications, Hitachi's Micro Device Division offer pre-production samples and evaluation boards of their new 5582 IC. Compact 4 or 8 channel 52-Lead QFN Pulsar IC supporting 3 and 5 level pulse generation with active ground damping. High efficiency and robust reliability are testament of MDD's first class SOI CMOS process.    

To further expand on the recent news and media releases, Hitachi has decided to discontinue in-house manufacturing of semiconductors for “Information and Telecommunication Hardware” designed and manufactured by Micro Device Division (MDD). MDD will be reforming its operation to focus on the development, design and quality assurance of LSIs primarily for the Hitachi Group (Information and Telecommunication Systems) and export customers for specific business applications only. For Medium and High Voltage ICs, especially those used in medical applications (including, Ultrasound Imaging Pulser ICs, Linear Amp IC, Analog Switch ICs, etc.), as per the former announcement made in October, the front-end process will be transferred from D5 (Oume city, Tokyo, Japan) to an overseas location (X-FAB facility in Kuching, Malaysia), allowing the continued promotion of those products. To reaffirm, Hitachi is not withdrawing from the semiconductor market.


Sample Shipments Commence for 600-V Single-chip Inverter IC for Small Fan Motors

Tokyo, January 10, 2013 – Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501) today announced the development of the new high-voltage (600 V/ 1 A) ECN30210 Series of single-chip inverter ICs for the control of small fan motors that seeks to improve energy efficiency in air conditioners, air cleaners, and other products. Delivery of samples will commence immediately. Full-scale production will commence in the summer of 2013, with target monthly production of 1 million units in 2014..

For more information please follow this link...

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