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Hitachi Power Device Division



Hitachi Intelligent Power ICs avoid Latch-up within inverter, multiplexing and other low to medium power control applications The Hitachi high voltage IC series are monolithic intelligent power control ICs developed around a unique dielectric isolation cell structure technology. This cell type construction allows mixed signal analogue circuits, logic, power, high voltage and high current, to be integrated onto a single silicon layer without cross talk or negative influence each other up to 600V.

For example, ECN series HVICs for motor control applications feature:

  • Charge pumps
  • Free wheeling diodes
  • PWM circuits
  • Combined control and power stage
  • Built-in monitoring for example over/under voltage & over current protection

In a single chip design which has the advantage of:

  • Small footprint
  • Reduced component count
  • Lower PCB interconnects
  • Proven solution

Providing the benefits of:

  • Lower development costs
  • High efficiency to meet government targets
  • High reliability
  • Quicker to market

picture : High Voltage ICs

picture : High Voltage ICs

picture : High Voltage ICs

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