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Hitachi Power Device Division



Your European partner for high power switching . . . isn't it time you switched to Hitachi?

Hitachi IGBT series support a range of critical power control applications for high end industrial and traction applications. Hitachi's process technologies are progressive and tailored to meet the specific expectations of these markets. These include Low Injection Punch Through (LiPT) sLiPT, Trench LiPT, High Conductivity, applied (to silicon) individually or in combination to achieve the best optimised solution for a range of applications and voltages.

With a pedigree as far back as 1992 for IGBT core process design and manufacture, Hitachi's success is not only our technology but in the building of long term partnerships.


  • Voltage range 650V, 1700V - 6500V
  • Current (A) range 400A - 3600A
  • Low switching losses
  • Low conduction losses
  • Soft recovery and low loss diodes
  • Low thermal expansion base plates
  • High power cycling capability
  • Positive temperature coefficient
  • Extensive package line up including
    • 73mm x 140mm
    • 130mm x 140mm
    • 190mm x 140mm


Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Inverter Systems


Hitachi's new standard product line up: small footprint,

high efficiency direct liquid cooling, offering compact

inverter design and high reliability for Hybrid and Electric

Vehicle inverter systems.  More



picture : Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors

picture : Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors

picture : Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors

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