IDS AG has positioned itself as a highly innovative technology venture with world wide references representing a unique resource of successful expertise and experience in the fields of electrical converter and drive technology in combination with regenerative energy sources.

IDS manufacture a range of high reliability drivers, targeted for use with large IGBT's used for 3 phase converter bridges in excess of 2000kVA. First available products are the dual channel Gate Drivers IGD-17-10-00 and IGD-12-10-00, for 1700V and 1200 V IGBT's respectively. State of the art control requirements for IGBT semiconductor switches are provided; two channels with optical interface, low loss design (<3W per channel) and high dV/dt immunity up to 20kV/ms. Tests indicate that 1700V IGBT's fitted with the new IDS Gate Driver, reliably withstands short circuit currents in the order of 1000A to 1400A and 5mH inductance, when fed from a 1200V DC bus. Typical cable length equivalent is 4m.

IDS recommend the purchase of complete power switches consisting of Gate Driver and your choice of IGBT switch. It is thus possible to optimise price/performance. In case that you require built up power stacks, complete with cooling systems, ventilation etc. IDS can provide a solution for you. See our related literature.