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On November 30, 2016, Hitachi and CEPS jointly organized the first European Social Innovation Forum on the topic on Smart Transportation for a 21st Century Society. The aim of the event was to look at the challenges faced by urban, regional and global transportation in the future and to understand the positive and negative impacts of technologies that are being developed to respond to societal challenges. 


Salı, 29 Kasım 2016

Hitachi'nin Sosyal İnovasyon Forumu 2016 BERLIN 29 Kasım tarihinde gerçekleş. Misafirler, IoT'deki son gelişmeler ve Avrupa genelinde Sosyal İnovasyonu sağlamak için Hitachi'nin Ortak Tasarıma odaklanması konularındaki sunumları dinledi.

konu(lar): Nesnelerin İnterneti, Akıllı Enerji, Akıllı Endüstri, İnovasyon için yeni iş modelleri



The Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2016 LONDON brought together leading industry names and Hitachi experts to explore key IoT themes and opportunities, share examples of best practice in IoT innovation, and explore the increasingly important role of ‘co-creation’ in developing new solutions to solve the biggest business challenges.


Hitachi's 2015 Social Innovation conference in Turkey's capital city. 

topic(s): transport, energy, healthcare, big data


At the Social Innovation Forum 2015 MUNICH, industry leaders gathered to debate the future of Energy in Germany, and how digital innovation is the answer to effectively managing Germany's dramatic growth in renewables. The attendees also examined the emergence of Industrie 4.0, and how Hitachi's advanced digitization technologies can give companies the edge they require to be competitive in the connected world of big data.


The Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2015 LONDON took place at the prestigious Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington. This time, the industry leaders focused on the future of Transport and Healthcare, and examined how practical use of big data together with technological advances in products will bring about real Social Innovation.


Hitachi Europe Ltd., Frost & Sullivan işbirliğiyle Avrupa, Asya ve Afrika’nın kesişme noktası olan güzel şehir İstanbul’da global ve lokal firmaların yanı sıra devlet yetkililerini ve kanaat liderlerini Türkiye’deki teknoloji trendlerini tartışmak için bir araya getirdi.

Açılış konuşmaları, canlı paneller ve tartışmalarla 380 katılımcı aşağıdaki mega trendleri keşfettiler:


The future of the city is smart and shareable – that was the overwhelming consensus from Urban Infrastructure 2014 conference. Hitachi's Chief Executive for Europe, Mr. Dieter Rennert delivered the main keynote, explaining Hitachi's approach to Social Innovation Business. This was followed by two panel discussions on Smart Water Solutions and Intelligent Infrastructures.


The 14th EU Hitachi Science & Technology Forum was attended by over 170 persons on Oct 17, 2014, in Paris, on the theme 'Innovative collaboration for better healthcare'.


The Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2014 BERLIN took place on October 15 at the iconic Hotel Adlon Kempinski next to the Brandenburg Gate, which was fitting as Europe celebrated the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Berlin is also where the concept of Industry 4.0 was born, and a deeply fascinating keynote speech about this new approach to revolutionising industry was delivered by Prof. Dr. Ing. Günther Schuh, representing Acatech, the German National Academy of Science and Engineering.

20/09/2014 to 23/09/2014

InnoTrans is the world's largest trade fair for the rail industry. The 2014 edition has seen 2,761 exibitors from 55 countries across the world presenting products, services and solutions in the fields of railway technology, railway infrastructure, interiors, public transportation and tunnel construction. Hitachi Rail Europe showcased its innovative solutions for interior and exterior train design as well as for traffic control.


Hitachi’nin Frost&Sullivan firmasıyla beraber düzenlediği Sosyal İnovasyon temalı konferans 176 katılımcıyla 19 Şubat 2014 tarihinde Çırağan Sarayı’nda gerçekleşti.


Hitachi is the founding sponsor of the Economist Infrastructure Summit. The third event explored the most ingenious solutions to enable sustainable urban development, and had a particular focus on networks and connections.


Hitachi is the founding sponsor of the Economist Infrastructure Summit; a gathering of 150 leading policy-makers, business leaders and experts from transport, energy and digital communications in the UK to discuss infrastructure developments and new opportunities.

18/09/2012 to 21/09/2012

InnoTrans is the world's leading business meeting place for transport technology. A total of 2,651 exhibitors from 48 countries presented their innovative products and services at InnoTrans 2012. The 173,295 trade visitors came to Berlin from more than 100 countries. Hitachi's presence at InnoTrans 2012 was very well received by the European railway industry. We had meetings with operators, suppliers, and senior stakeholders from many European countries who were clearly delighted to have a new quality supplier open for business in their market.

12/06/2012 to 14/06/2012

Hitachi Power Europe üç gün boyunca Köln, Almanya'da gerçekleşen Power–Gen Konferansı ve Fuarı'na katıldı. Etkinlik Avupa'da kendi türünün en büyüğüdür ve global enerji endüstrisinden 10.000'den fazla ziyaretçiyi kendine çeker. Hitachi Power Europe'tan üst düzey yöneticiler Enerji sektöründe yeniliklerini ve kabiliyetlerini tanıtma ve Hitachi'den daha fazla şey öğrenmeye hevesli lider profesyoneller ile tanışma imkanı buldular. Lütfen Köln'deki Kölnmesse konferans ve sergi merkezinde yapılan etkinlik videomuzu izleyin.


The 13th EU Hitachi Science & Technology Forum was attended by over 150 persons in London on May 10, 2012. They debated on 'Transport and Mobility towards 2050'.



Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) were joined by many leading IT professionals keen to discover how to make the most of future opportunities. At this event HDS executives were able to demonstrate unique approaches and innvations, how storage virtualisation can be implemented efficiently, and lead discussion on the shift from cloud computing hype to early adoption. Please view our video of the event, held at the famous Emirates Stadium, home of the world famous Arsenal football club.


Hitachi sponsored the Economist Third Annual Sustainability Summit which was held on 25th February 2010 at the Radisson BLU Portman Square in London. The one-day Summit brought together up to 150 senior executives immediately after the Copenhagen conference in a focused debate on the core issues affecting their business and how they can face the climate change challenge. As part of this sponsorship, Hitachi also contributed to an exclusive Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report entitled “After Copenhagen – assessing the impact on business”.

26/04/2008 to 27/04/2008

The 11th EU Hitachi Science and Technology Forum was attended by over 110 persons in Munich (Germany) on April 26-27, 2008. They debated on "Ageing Society and Technology" 


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