Hitachi Kokusai Electric Turkey Introduces Mobile Communications Vehicle for Natural Emergency & Disaster Recovery Situations

First Six Vehicles Delivered for Ultra-Fast Response Emergency Communication Applications

Istanbul, Turkey, 01 November 2014 – Using its long track record of manufacturing rugged terrain outside broadcast vehicles, Istanbul-based Hitachi Kokusai Electric Turkey (HKT) has turned its attention to natural disaster communications vehicles. HKT has developed a new design of mobile communication vehicle (MCV) that is capable of re-establishing digital communication networks very quickly after an earthquake or similar natural disaster. HKT reports that already it has delivered six of these state-of-the-art mobile telecommunication infrastructure units to national governments and non-government organizations worldwide.

From top to bottom, the vehicles are designed to withstand the most extreme hot and cold environments. It is based on a Mercedes Unimog chassis with a powerful 218 horsepower engine, which enables it to drive through rivers up to 1.2 meters deep and cross virtually any terrain. This means that the vehicles can gain access to the epicenter of the crisis zone within hours of the disaster happening.

Once in situ, the main priority of the vehicle is to re-establish telecommunication networks, which it can achieve using any of three on-board systems.

The vehicle possesses a roof-mounted 15 meter telescopically operated radio transmitter mast, combined with two roof-mounted satellite dishes (KU Band 1 & 2) and remote-controlled cable reel systems which enable rapid connection to the existing cable networks in the disaster area. Collectively, this empowers the MCV with high-grade satellite links, high quality video, audio and IP connectivity, multiband microwave radio, cellular mobile services (GSM, 3G, WiFi and WiMax), PBX connectivity, VSAT/High Speed Data transfer, high-speed Internet/Intranet connectivity and optical fiber connection.

These facilities provide the infrastructure required to support several hundred IP-based and mobile telephones, high capacity broadband and internet connections (approx 24mbit/second), multiple user radio transmitters and the facilities to receive satellite television. Inside, half of the vehicle can be configured as a command and control centre with the ability to connect laptop computers to on-board 19-inch screens with wireless internet access and an integral 5.1 multi-channel audio system.

The MCV has been designed for extended operation in the field with on-board living quarters for up to x people. They, and the vehicle’s equipment, are protected from climatic extremes by high efficiency air conditioning and heating systems. The vehicle derives power from on-board generators, roof mounted solar panels and the ability to connect via cable to existing power networks within the operating area. The MCV is equipped with powerful external 360 degree floodlights so that it can illuminate search and rescue activity throughout the night.

“From the selection of the high-end Mercedes Unimog truck to the specification of the radio, satellite and optical fiber communications architecture, we have made no compromises in on-board facilities in order to create an entirely new standard in emergency mobile communications vehicles,” stated Cemal Yilmaz, general manager at Hitachi Kokusai Electric Turkey. “We believe that this vehicle is unique in terms of its rugged terrain capabilities combined with its advanced communications facilities. Proof of this is in the news that already we have received orders for six vehicles from different organizations worldwide.”


About Hitachi Kokusai Turkey
Hitachi Kokusai Turkey is headquartered in Istanbul in the Republic of Turkey and opened its offices on June 10, 2013. At the same time, in a strategic move designed to expand its global business, Hitachi Kokusai is establishing a dedicated manufacturing facility in the Tuzla free trade zone near Istanbul. From its 5.000 square metre design and production facility, Hitachi Kokusai Turkey manufactures some of the broadcast market’s most cost-effective high-end products, systems and solutions, serving customers in the regional broadcast industry and government institutions.

Hitachi Kokusai Turkey design, develop and manufacture mobile antenna systems, controllers and SATCOM components, which are integrated into customized DSNG (Digital satellite news gathering ) vehicles, special purpose vehicles or Outside Broadcasting trucks that the company designs and manufactures within its facilities. Also, Hitachi Kokusai Turkey build and integrate earth stations for satellite communications, terrestrial sites and build complete production studios to create turnkey solutions for their customers.

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