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Finger Vein Authentication Technology


Logical Access Applications

PC Login

PC users can now guard against illegitimate access or leakage of information on their computers by using the vein patterns in their fingers as their computer login. In addition, this finger vein authentication technology can also centralize information scattered in different locations to enable more effective information management.

Physical Access

Set Free

The finger vein authentication system prevents leakage of corporate information and entry of unidentified persons into home or office buildings. This system can also be utilized in conjunction with anti-theft monitors to achieve multiple layers of security control.

ATM & Banking

ATM & Banking

Vein pattern recognition technology eliminates the need for bank cards or PIN numbers, thus eliminating problems relating to loss, theft or falsification of cards or passwords. Banks can also use finger vein authentication systems to effectively manage transactions at bank counters and depositories.

Embedded Applications

Embedded Systems

Embedded Applications
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A unique vascular biometric ............ Strong authentication for information security........ The convenience of fingerprint........ The accuracy of iris....... The only internal biometric.