Proton Therapy Systems

Hitachi’s Proton Therapy Systems are leading cancer treatment with unique technologies and exceedingly high reliability.

Proton therapy is one of the most advanced forms of cancer treatment currently available. What makes this form of cancer therapy so unique is the pinpoint accuracy of treatment with minimal side effects, as it maximises radiation dose to tumor sites while minimising exposure to adjacent healthy tissue.

This cutting edge cancer therapy is currently used to treat patients with various types of tumors including those with complex shapes, as well as pediatric patients. Unlike other forms of radiation treatment, both short and long term side effects from radiation to normal tissue and organs are minimised. It’s no surprise why the number of patients seeking this treatment is steadily growing.

Hitachi has developed a reputation for providing the medical industry with innovative proton therapy of the highest quality and clinical availability, forged through years of research and collaborative work with world-leading hospitals and cancer centres.

Hitachi’s work in particle beam therapy began in Japan over 20 years ago, leading to particle therapy system installations at some of the most prestigious cancer centres in Japan and the United States. Hitachi’s world-renowned R&D teams have earned a reputation for turning challenging collaboration projects and concepts into commercial reality.