High quality ultrasound scanning (Turkey)

Using Hitachi's Hi Vision Preirus ultrasound scanners to give high-quality imaging

Improved Medical Diagnostics for better healthcare in Turkey using Hitachi’s Hi Vision Preirus ultrasound scanners to give high-quality imaging.

Helping the Turkish Government establish prevention and screening programmes

Turkey is widely predicted to be one of the World’s fastest growing economies over the next decade. It has an expanding population of over 77 million people, which is aging and placing increasing pressure on the healthcare system. The population is also becoming more affluent and demanding higher quality healthcare.

The Turkish Government, which is based in Ankara, recognised the need for improved healthcare and in 2003 put in place a bold initiative called The Health Transformation Program. This has brought about a number of significant improvements to the Turkish healthcare system, including a significant increase in the number of hospitals and the beds available. However this increase has been led mainly by the Private sector.

The Ministry of Health Turkey is establishing prevention and screening programmes for early diagnoses and the setting up of screening centres and treatment protocols throughout Turkey.

To support the programme of early diagnoses, around 25 million ultrasound scans are required every year. It is important that these scans are as accurate and detailed as possible, because this helps reduce the number of biopsies that need to be carried out. There was a shortage of high quality ultrasound scanning equipment in the Ministry of Health hospitals and therefore in 2011 The Ministry of Health invited tenders for the supply of 130 new, high-quality ultrasound scanners. Hitachi were able to provide the ideal solution.

Demands for scans was increasing and becoming an issue

Medical advances over the past few years now require ultrasound systems with much higher quality colour imaging, to provide faster and more accurate diagnostics.

Because of the shortage of these high quality ultrasound machines in the State hospitals. Many patients have had to use private hospitals or wait a long time to have the scan. With the demand for scans increasing this was clearly becoming an issue.

In 2011, along with other suppliers, Kurt & Kurt were invited to tender for the supply of 130 premium level ultrasound systems. These systems needed to provide the very latest real-time tissue elastography, which provides advanced scanning and more accurate diagnostics.

Kurt & Kurt's challenge was to make sure that they could offer the most technically advanced system available. For this Kurt & Kurt needed a partner that they could rely on. To achieve this they turned to a long term partner, Hitachi Medical Systems.

We have a very strong business relationship with Hitachi and both our companies share the same goal, which is to provide the very best quality products and service to our customers and to make a positive difference to the medical sector and our communities.

Murat Balkan, Chairman, Kurt & Kurt

High speed processing and real-time tissue elastography

The Hitachi Hi Vision Preirus Ultrasound scanner is a technologically advanced system, with a small footprint, which can be adapted to any clinical environment.

Its ergonomic design means it can be adjusted easily to suite both the patient and the doctor. The large, high-quality 19” LCD touch screen can be rotated to give the best viewing position. The main control panel can be tilted to suit the doctor, ensuring the most comfort in use.

The design of the main control panel and the large control buttons make it easy to operate.

The screen has a series of touch panel keys and smart tab menus, which allow scan adjustments without having to reduce concentration on the screen.

Hitachi's Hi Vision Preirus ultrasound system was our chosen solution. It is a highly advanced, new generation system, with many important features which give real benefits, not just to the patients, but to the doctors too.

Murat Yilmaz, Group Business Development Manager, Hitachi Europe Ltd, Turkey Branch

The tender process was long. It started in 2011 and lasted for two years. We were up against some strong competition, so we needed to ensure that our solution would be the very best and it was.

Murat Balkan, Chairman, Kurt & Kurt

Importantly there are also over 260 young interns who train at the hospital. They train to use the very latest medial equipment, before leaving and taking up posts in the many other hospitals throughout Turkey and they take their experiance with them.

Prof Dr. Halil Arslan, Yıldırım Beyazıt University Medicine Faculty, Atatürk Training and Research Hospital


Bringing benefits to the patient and medical communities in Turkey

Kurt & Kurt became aware of the Hitachi imaging systems through their work on the thyroid gland using elastosonography and in this department they currently use the Hitachi Hi-Vision Preirus ultrasound system. These are systems which have higher imaging quality and a higher scanning capacity than the previous Hitachi products, or other systems they had formerly used.

Medical training and procedures are quite advanced in Turkey and this is why every year many patients visit from other parts of the world. Especially from surrounding countries for investigations and treatment.

The clinic is part of a Training and Research Hospital meaning that it gives considerable importance and time not only to patient investigations and treatment, but also to scientific research. This is why Kurt & Kurt have to keep close track of new health technologies and implement them.

Technical support, maintenance and operator training are also important and Hitachi health systems provide great support in this respect.

This provides early diagnosis of thyroid nodules, and helps us avoid unnecessary and repeated invasive procedures, so that we can give our patients a more reliable and comfortable health service.

Assistant Professor Dr. Erman Çakal, Dışkapı Yıldırım Beyazıt Training and Research Hospital

The Ministry of Health and the doctors are very happy with the Hitachi Hi-Vision Preirus. One hundred and thirty systems have been installed in hospitals all over Turkey and since their introduction.

Murat Yilmaz, Group Business Development Manager, Hitachi Europe Ltd, Turkey Branch


About Kurt & Kurt

Kurt & Kurt have been a leading supplier and installer of advanced medical systems to the health industry in Turkey for 40 years. The Ministry of Health, Turkey has been a major customer for many years and Kurt & Kurt has installed hundreds of medical devices in their hospitals throughout the land. They are the leading supplier of MRI, CT and Ultrasound scanning systems in Turkey and also supply six neighbouring countries. They have been supplying Hitachi equipment to the medical community for over 30 years.

About Hitachi Medical Systems Europe

Hitachi Medical Systems are part of Hitachi Medical Corporation in Tokyo.

Hitachi is committed to a Global healthcare business that supports a healthy and safe society and is also committed to delivering advanced medical solutions which meet the demands of both medical staff and patients worldwide. Hitachi Medical Corporation employs over 16,000 specialists in their worldwide research and development facility.

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