The Hitachi/KEBA Cash-Recycling ATM (Europe)

A new ATM module for the digital world

Digitisation in banking

As more and more people become comfortable using smart phones and other mobile devices to manage their daily lives, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to keep pace with this change.

Two leading European banks, Commerzbank in Germany and Erste Bank in Central and Eastern Europe, realised that they had an opportunity to change the way they interface with their retail customers; to enhance the customer experience with a more advanced ATM, while at the same time making significant business savings.

A new approach

Hitachi, together with its partner KEBA, have adopted a Co-Creation approach to the development of new banking technology. Commerzbank also became involved in the project with KEBA and Hitachi at a very early stage. The first creative workshops were started back in 2012.

As part of the process, Commerzbank and Erste bank were asked to actively participate in brainstorming meetings, to share their visions for the future of cash banking.

At various meetings, they had the opportunity to introduce their strategic view, and also to bring up some straightforward operational matters such as the maintenance of the equipment, its serviceability and also its stability.

The notes from the meetings were fed back to specialist development technicians and engineers at Hitachi and KEBA, who produced design and technical concepts, which were then developed into the new ATM module. This integrated process has resulted in a new cash-recycling module, which corresponds more closely with the banks’ requirements than ever before.

“As a Bank, we have learned a great deal”

Markus Keck, Director Self Service & Cash Points, Commerzbank AG

The future of cash banking

The new Hitachi/KEBA Cash-Recycling ATM has a large multi-function touch-screen, an ergonomically designed cashslot and an advanced module that can handle cash deposits as well as withdrawals. With this ATM, the banks can automate more operations, and make life even easier for their customers.

The advanced touch-screen has a simple and friendly design. The instructions are bright and clear, even for customers who have impaired vision. And for customers in a wheelchair, the screen layout can be moved down.

Importantly, there is plenty of space to add messaging on the touch-screen, which enables the banks to communicate directly with their customers at the ATM. This can be controlled remotely through the banks’ computers.

Operation and maintenance is also very simple because everything is done from the front of the ATM. The banks can easily carry out maintenance and load the machines. 

“It has proven to be very robust and reliable, so customers are never inconvenienced.”

Peter Seitz, Head of Channel Management Self Service, Erste Bank

Ongoing innovation

Hitachi and KEBA are continuing to develop their ATM cash recycling module to handle more currencies in different markets across Europe and the world.

Hitachi’s Co-Creation approach continues to result in successful projects and Hitachi will continue to work with its business partners and customers to bring innovative products to market on a worldwide scale.

“We are pleased to be at the forefront of this innovation”

Peter Seitz, Head of Channel Management Self Service, Erste Bank

About Commerzbank

Commerzbank is a leading international commercial bank with branches and offi ces in more than 50 countries. Its core 
markets are Germany and Poland, with approximately 1,050 branches in Germany alone. It has over 2500 ATMs and 
1200 cash recycling machines. Commerzbank boasts more than 16 million private customers, as well as one million business and corporate clients.

About Erste Bank

Erste Group is the leading bank in Central and Eastern Europe for advising and servicing private clients. It was founded  
in Austria in 1819 and currently has almost 16 million clients serviced by over 2600 branches throughout Austria, 
Hungary, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia and Serbia. Its key business is the retail business, covering 
the entire spectrum from lending, deposit and investment products, to current accounts and credit cards.

About KEBA

KEBA was founded in Linz, Austria, in 1968 and is today an internationally active company, represented by subsidiaries 
around the world. Its success has been created from technological innovations of the highest quality. KEBA specialises in innovative automation solutions within its three business divisions; Industrial Automation, Energy Automation and Banking & Service Automation.

About Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions Corporation

Hitachi-Omron is a trusted global leader in the field of financial market technologies, with products ranging from bank branch terminals to ATMs. Hitachi-Omron has been a strategic partner of KEBA for over 20 years. It provides products which incorporate user friendly human-interfaces to fulfi the needs of highly functional yet reliable infrastructure for the banking and financial market.

Erste Bank and Commerzbank
Release Date: 
February 2017
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Cash-recycling ATM
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Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions Corporation