Presentations 2012 Forum


  • Overview of Transport sector in Europe by Marcel Rommerts
  • Can we afford the transport infrastructure we need, and how do we justify it? by Prof. Roger Vickerman
  • Energy Challenges and Costs for Transport & Mobility by Dr. Lew Fulton
  • Building a sustainable world city: the role of transport and land use in London by Peter Wright
  • The third cycle CO 2 BFS by Bernard Stroiazzo-Mougin
  • ICT for safe, eco-friendly and efficient mobility by Dr. Ilja Radusch
  • Train technologies for 2050 by Prof. Roger Goodall
  • Hitachi's R&D activity towards transport innovation by Dr. Keiji Kojima
  • Flying to work? Take a MyCopter! by Prof. Michael Decker
  • Actions for low carbon and climate resilient transport by Françoise Nemry



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