About Hitachi Brussels Office

Hitachi Corporate Office, Europe (HIBRU)

Located in Brussels, Belgium, Hitachi Corporate Office, Europe was established in 1988 as a representative liaison office of Hitachi, Ltd. to monitor and assess the economic and political developments related to the achievement of the European single market, put in place in 1993. Its mission is to contribute to Hitachi's European activities in three main directions: monitor EU issues with potential impact on the group's operations, create and support Hitachi's links with European business partners, and contribute to society in order to enhance Hitachi's corporate image in the EU. As one of HIBRU's corporate activities aimed at raising awareness and recognition for Hitachi's key contributions to European society, it acts as the main coordinating body of Hitachi’s European Social Innovation Forum.

HIBRU's team comprises six persons: Mattia Dalle Vedove, Yukako Kinoshita, João T. Marinho, Yukika Okamura, Erik Otto and Norihiro Suzaki (Senior Representative & General Manager).