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Hitachi Podcast

The People of Hitachi Podcast focuses on Hitachi employees doing incredible work across the business. See how they inspire the world and fulfil Hitachi’s mission of contributing to society.

Season 6, Episode 5
Facing up to the future: how generations must work together to deliver a better future for tomorrow

Within this episode we are joined by Lorena Dellagiovanna, Senior Vice President and Executive Officer, Chief Sustainability Officer, General Manager of Sustainability Group, and CDEIO and Natalia Pietruszewska, Social Responsibility Due Diligence Analyst at Hitachi Energy.

Season 6, Episode 4
Meeting the challenges of electrification: How digitalisation is the future of our energy system

Within this episode we are joined by Barbara Ferrari, Head of Sales for Central, Eastern and Southern Europe from Hitachi Rail, and Massimo Bordogna, Marketing and Sales Manager at Hitachi Energy to discuss the ‘Flash Charging Solution’ Project. We explore how Hitachi Energy and Hitachi collaborated to utilise technology to deliver low-carbon solutions and how transforming the supply and demand of electricity plays a crucial role in helping reach net zero. They look to discuss the challenges faced and explore the question – is it possible for us to reach net zero?

Season 6, Episode 3
A world’s first E-waste Sustainability Programme: Jamie Watson and Kevin Roberts

In this episode, Mary-Jane Lintin meets with Jamie Watson, Client Director and Kevin Roberts, Senior Project Manager from Hitachi Solutions Europe. They discuss the incredible work they’re doing with the Royal Mint, creating a world’s first E-waste Sustainability Programme.  

Season 6, Episode 2
A Success Case of Circular Economy in Industrial Wastewater Treatment: Pierluigi Zilio

In this episode, Mary-Jane Lintin meets with Pierluigi Zilio, Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Group Manager at Hitachi Europe ICEG. They discuss the incredible work Pierluigi and the team are doing to achieve circular economy in the industrial wastewater treatment business.  

Season 6, Episode 1
Pioneering the Zero Carbon future: how next-generation technology is key to decarbonised transport

In this episode of the People of Hitachi podcast, Mary-Jane Lintin meets with Ram Ramachander, Chief Executive of Hitachi ZeroCarbon and Frank Antonysamy, Chief Growth Officer at Hitachi Digital. We look to explore the important work that Hitachi ZeroCarbon is doing to decarbonise transport in today’s society and how Hitachi Digital’s technology is a key enabler to help Hitachi look at optimization across its business units. We will discuss the challenges faced and explore the question – is it possible for us to reach net zero?

Season 5, Episode 5
GlobalLogic’s ‘Lighthouse’ project: Olha Korostylova

In this episode, Mary-Jane Lintin meets with Olha Korostylova, engineering manager at GlobalLogic. This episode highlights an exciting project established by GlobalLogic known as the ‘Lighthouse’. This project showcases a groundbreaking application that revolutionizes the journey of patients from the moment an emergency medical service receives a call until they reach the emergency care room.