Development of a compact sensor that identifies the source of electromagnetic interference to prevent malfunction in component for autonomous operation

Tokyo, March 16, 2017 --- Kanazawa University and Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501,Hitachi) today announced the joint development of a compact sensor capable ofidentifying the source of electromagnetic interference(1) that causes malfunction incomponent for autonomous operation. The realization of the compact sensor will notonly allow multiple sensors to be embedded in vehicles such as automobiles andtrains, but also by configuring it with several antennas, enable the direction of thislow-frequency electromagnetic interference emitted by aging components to beprecisely detected, and thus allow the accurate identification of the electromagneticinterference source. By using this sensor, the risk of malfunction in autonomousoperation component or transport systems can be avoided by continuously monitoringelectromagnetic interference, and preventing the loss of sensor data related to cruisecontrol. Kanazawa University and Hitachi will continue with the application of sensingtechnology detecting electromagnetic interference, to contribute to improving safety insocietal infrastructure.