AMSTERDAM and LONDON, 31 MARCH 2010 – Hitachi Europe Ltd. and Telehouse International Corporation of Europe Ltd. announced that both companies have today entered a partnership contract for the development of a high density data centre area within TELEHOUSE LONDON Docklands West, the flagship data centre in London Docklands, UK.

As part of this partnership, TELEHOUSE will provide Hitachi with the collocation space within TELEHOUSE LONDON Docklands West, which will be officially provisioned as a high-density data centre area. Hitachi will then use this space to install equipment based on the company's modular data center technology. This “small footprint” technology is capable of being remotely operated, managed and monitored which helps maximize operational efficiency.

This collaboration gives Hitachi the opportunity to continue to drive technology development for eco-friendly data centres, and allows TELEHOUSE to further expand its already significant data centre business by adding a high-density data centre capability.

With the constantly increasing requirement for evermore powerful IT equipment in data centres Hitachi and TELEHOUSE are both committed to exploring ways of lowering the environmental impact of the technology.

In 2007 the Hitachi group launched the eco-friendly data centre project, which resulted in its modular data centre solution. Available in Japan since January 2009, this solution optimises the configuration of highly efficient cooling units to obtain the greatest level of power efficiency in a high-density data centre. This will mean space within the data centre will be used to its highest potential, whilst ensuring that CO2 emissions are being kept to a minimum. TELEHOUSE LONDON Docklands West itself is already leading the path to deliver more environmentally responsible data centres, with its unique capability to re-use heat created by the data centre to provide energy to local homes and businesses.

TELEHOUSE is one of the world's leading data centre providers with operations in the UK, France, USA, Japan and South Africa. The company is anticipating the expected increase in demand for high density data centres and sees Hitachi's modular type data centre as the ideal solution.

Mr. Tokuji Mitsui, Managing Director of Telehouse International Corporation of Europe Ltd., said: “We are very excited by the potential of this strategic partnership with Hitachi Europe. Their advanced technology and operational understanding of data centre environments will add tremendous value to the outsourcing services that we offer our customers and partners”.

Hideyuki Ariyasu, Managing Director of Hitachi Europe Ltd., said: “We are pleased to sign a strategic partnership contract with Telehouse International Corporation of Europe Ltd. TELEHOUSE is a leading data centre service provider with its strong network infrastructure in EMEA. With this partnership, we are looking forward to augmenting TELEHOUSE's outsourcing service with the provision of Hitachi's eco-friendly modular data centre technology“.