Hitachi Develops Technology to Automatically Creates Effective Advice to Increase Worker Happiness Using Artificial Intelligence

Tokyo, June 27, 2016 --- Hitachi, Ltd. today announced the development of technology using artificial intelligence that automatically creates effective advice for raising the happiness of workers based on the behavioral data of each individual on a daily basis and started internal trial with 600 participants from sales & marketing. More precisely, the massive amount of individual behavioral data is collected via the name tag type wearable sensor, analyzed using Hitachi AI Technology/H, and automatically creates and delivers personalized advice regarding behavior, such as on communication in the workplace or time allocation, that will contribute to raising individual happiness. Individual workers can check the daily advice on their smartphone or tablet, and use the information in their daily activity.

Hitachi will integrate the results from this trial and will provide the technology to corporate and other organizations globally, to support increased productivity through a more active organization resulting from the increased happiness of workers.