"Hitachi Kyoto University Laboratory" to promote joint-research on the "exploration of basics and theory based on an understanding of humans and culture"

Tokyo, June 23, 2016 --- Kyoto University and Hitachi, Ltd. today announced the establishment of the "Hitachi Kyoto University Laboratory," a joint research division for exploring future societal issues, within the grounds of Kyoto University. Through collaborative creation between Kyoto University and Hitachi, the Laboratory will discern challenges facing future society and work towards creating innovations that achieve both economic development and solutions to those issues. The Hitachi researchers who have been assigned to the Laboratory will work as part of the diverse team at Kyoto University in pursuing joint research, as well as promote academic research with other institutes in and outside of Japan as a hub for open innovation. Kyoto University and Hitachi will contribute to a "Super Smart Society" by realizing Society 5.0 through initiatives in the Laboratory.