Hitachi Power Europe reinforces its services supply offer
Duisburg, Germany, 13 June, 2012

Hitachi Power Europe reinforces its services supply offer

Hitachi Power Europe reinforces its services supply offer

Contacts: EU: Helge Schulz Hitachi Power Europe GmbH +49 203 8038 2929 Hitachi Power Europe reinforces its services supply offer Takeover of XERVON Energy GmbH Duisburg, Germany, June 12, 2012 - Hitachi Power Europe GmbH (HPE) is taking over XERVON Energy GmbH, a leading international supplier of services for energy installations and power plant equipment. HPE is acquiring the holdings from Remondis (Lünen), one of the world's largest water and environmental service companies. The take-over has still to be approved by the official agencies; it has been agreed that the purchase price remains a confidential matter.

The takeover illustrates just how strongly HPE is expanding its range of products and competence in the power plant service business. Headquartered in Duisburg, XERVON Energy's core business fields are in servicing power plant equipment and supplying the full complement of spare parts.

Klaus-Dieter Rennert, CEO of the HPE Board of Directors, stresses that acquiring XERVON Energy admirably fits into Hitachi's global strategy. "The concentrated development of service activities means we will be participating far more than we have done so far in this strongly growing market." He adds that XERVON Energy together with its experienced, competent team is an ideal complement for a relatively new company, such as Hitachi Power Europe. "As an original power plant manufacturer, we can now provide our customers with a comprehensive, long-term service supply offer, from which both sides will benefit." About Hitachi Power Europe GmbH Hitachi Power Europe GmbH (HPE), a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., designs and constructs fossil-fired power plants. The plant constructor also supplies key components such as utility steam generators, environmental engineering equipment, turbines and pulverizers. Including subsidiaries, approx. 1,800 staff are on the company's payroll (April 2012). As a market and technology leader – in utility steam generators, for instance - HPE very much backs modern, ecologically sound and efficient plants. In this way, the company - with head offices in Duisburg – plays a prime role in securing power supplies on the markets in question.

About REMONDIS REMONDIS is one of the world's largest companies in water and environmental services. Its employees numbering over 20,000 work in 30 different countries. The Group generates a turnover of approx. EUR 6 billion. Aside from supplying and conditioning water, collecting and treating waste, the Group's activities also extend to trading in secondary raw materials and providing a variety of services for industrial customers – particularly in cleaning and maintenance.

About XERVON Energy GmbH The range of work & services in the power plant domain includes design engineering for optimization and efficiency improvement, installation and commissioning of plants, operation, maintenance and upkeep, revamping and repairs and supplying all the spare parts. In addition, its engineers counsel in all matters of plant optimization, revamping, maintenance and operating management – from basic engineering to detail engineering – with the aim of harmonizing and updating the operating economy and efficiency of existing plants.

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