Hitachi Receives Order for Electricity Balancing Market System to be Established through Joint Procurement for TEPCO Power Grid, Inc. and Chubu Electric Power Co.

Tokyo, August 2, 2019 --- Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501, “Hitachi”) today announced that it received an order for the electricity balancing market system ("the system") to be established through joint procurement for TEPCO Power Grid, Inc.(“TEPCO PG”) and Chubu Electric Power Co.(“Chubu Electric Power”)

The system will serve as a platform that realizes market transactions in the electricity balancing market to be established in April 2021 in order to enable efficient procurement of adjustment capacity contributing to the stable supply of power, and TEPCO PG and Chubu Electric Power are advancing development on behalf of the 10 domestic power companies* that are general transmission and distribution operators. This time, based on a strategic partnership concluded with ABB Ltd. ("ABB") in December 2017, Hitachi will build the system using the ABB’s Market Management System solution.