İşbank completed implementation of more than 2,400 biometric ATMs using Hitachi Finger Vein technology

Istanbul, Turkey, February 06, 2012 – İşbank S.A. is the largest commercial bank in Turkey and provides a wide range of banking services to the retail and commercial market. In 2010 İşbank decided to start an ambitious project to implement the largest network of biometric ATMs in the EMEA region. The bank’s target was to increase security and convenience of ATM services. After carefully studying the available technologies, İşbank selected Hitachi’s Finger Vein authentication system as the most suitable solution for deployment across their network. The bank worked closely with MIG International, a multinational technology and system integration company, to deliver and support the upgrade of their ATMs across their network in Turkey using this award winning technology. Currently İşbank has completed implementation of around 3,400 Finger Vein scanners including 2,400 units in ATMs and 1,000 units in branches in all cities across the Turkish territory. The new authentication service called ‘Biyokimlik’ (Bio-identity) is available for card and non-card transactions for İşbank customers. İşbank is planning to expand this service to create the largest biometric POS (Point-of-sale) network in the world. Currently biometric POS devices using Finger Vein technology are being tested in the field with several merchants. İşbank presented this innovation to the world during the last CeBIT Turkey event in 2011.