KIR, OChK and Hitachi launch a durable medium service in the cloud

KIR, Operator Chmury Krajowej (OChK) and Hitachi Europe Ltd. have begun cooperation in the Polish market. This will be the first time that a durable medium combining the best of blockchain, WORM storage and cloud computing technologies will be implemented in Europe, supporting the digital transformation of enterprises and ensuring compliance with regulations around both durable medium and MIFID2. A range of sectors are set to benefit from these services, including telecommunications, banking and insurance.
A durable medium is a solution that allows the user to store and share all electronic documents in a safe and convenient way, benefiting the enterprise-customer relationship. As part of the cooperation, KIR will provide a comprehensive solution in the form of a durable medium as a service, in which the WORM storage solution implemented in the cloud will be responsible for inalterability and retention of the stored information. This will significantly support business processes in the enterprise-customer relationship.