New assignment to Ansaldo STS from Saturno Consortium for the HS / HC Milano - Verona Line, Brescia est - Verona section

Genoa, December 7th  2018 --- On December 6, 2018 "Saturno Consortium for the construction of railway works with high technological content for the Italian high-speed railway system" - following the contract signed with the CEPAV Due Consortium, General Contractor responsible for the design and construction of the HS/HC (High Speed and High Capacity) Brescia Est - Verona railway line, has awarded to Ansaldo STS SpA, as consortium member, part of the technological works for the abovementioned high speed line.

The Ansaldo STS scope of work is worth approximately Euro 98 million, out of a total of approximately Euro 272 million for the Saturno Consortium.

Ansaldo STS is responsible for the design, construction, installation and commissioning of signalling systems (ERTMS/ETCS level 2 and IXL Multistation) and automation (TMS-HS), on a 48 km long line, interconnections included. Ansaldo STS is also directly responsible for the design, construction, installation and commissioning of electrical substations, parallel stations and Traction Power SCADA system. Finally, it will take care of fire detection systems, air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems for the new technological buildings, as well as the tunnel security management system.

Ansaldo STS will contribute with this assignment to the construction of another section of the Mediterranean Core Corridor, recognized as a priority by the European Community.

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