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Automotive Systems

Hitachi supplies high-quality automotive components to the world’s leading car and motorcycle manufacturers. We provide powertrain and chassis systems, specialised software for enhanced ECU performance, autonomous driving technology, and advanced driver assistance systems. We also offer a range of aftermarket products & components.

Car and Motorcycle driving on the road

Hitachi Astemo

Hitachi Astemo is a major tier 1 automotive supplier, specialising in drive-control systems, engine management, electronic powertrains, and a huge range of components and parts.

We create clean engine management systems with improved thermal efficiencies that reduce environmental impact, and electric powertrain systems with high environmental sustainability and driving performance.

In pursuit of improved safety and comfort, we develop integrated vehicle motion systems that include the latest electrification efforts in our brakes, steering, and suspension.

Our connected technologies provide solutions for comfortable and autonomous driving, creating new value by connecting cars and society.

We are driving the evolution of motorcycles through advanced technologies, such as efficient electronic fuel injection systems, stable and comfortable suspension, and safer brake systems.

We provide the specialized software and knowhow required for each ECU to realize vehicle control. We develop technologies, design processes and environments that help provide reliability, and advance our software development.

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