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Green Energy & Mobility

Hitachi develops and supplies an extensive range of highly efficient and reliable power generation, transmission and distribution systems throughout the world. We also provide smart city energy solutions. In the rail industry, Hitachi is a total system supplier, offering rolling stock, traction equipment, signalling, traffic management systems, and maintenance depots. Our ZeroCarbon suite of solutions enables fleet operators to transition to electric vehicles and a net zero future.

Offshore Wind Turbines

Hitachi Green Energy Solutions

Sustainable solutions, like Hitachi Smart Power Grids, that lower carbon emissions and promote smart city strategies and e-mobility networks.

Hitachi supports renewable energy solutions with battery energy storage solutions that help enhance performance of electrical networks.

Hitachi’s Distributed Energy Systems manage diverse substations that facilitate the efficient and reliable transmission and distribution of electricity.

Smart Energy Islands is a £10.8 million project, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, to create an ambitious smart energy system to support the transition to low-carbon sustainable communities.

Blue train driving on tracks

Railway Systems

We work in partnership with our customers to improve passenger experience across Hitachi Trains Rolling Stock Europe products.

Hitachi Rail has an advanced record of implementing advanced technologies on major signalling projects.

Hitachi Rail is a global leader in designing and building automatic and fully-unmanned driverless (UTO) turnkey transportation systems.

Our global experience across both passenger and freight systems enables us to anticipate our customers’ needs, offering a wide range of high quality, reliable services, leading to a high-quality passenger experience.

Hitachi Information Control Systems Europe is a UK-based provider of software products for railway signalling and operations, including simulators and automatic route setting systems.

Battery trains by Hitachi reduce carbon emissions and noise, improve air quality, lower maintenance costs and enable flexibility on electrification.

Electric bus charging in a field of wind turbines

Intelligent Fleet Decarbonisation

Our fleet solution starts with optimisation and leads to electrification. We take the risk out of the decision-making process, and we enable fleet owners to simplify and accelerate the transition to net zero.

Is Sustainable Travel Really Possible?