Social Innovation - Energy

The shipping industry is moving full steam ahead to face the climate challenges of the 21st Century...
Data companies are setting trends for other industries to follow when it comes to cleaning up their operations.
Digital x Energy: perfect partners
As we strive to decarbonise our energy network, two new digitised and decentralised technologies have emerged, which could make it a reality
It seems that electric vehicles are inevitably going to be common place in the future, but challenges remain that could slow a smooth transition.
From Japan’s first nuclear reactor to floating wind farms, this animation looks at the energy technologies Hitachi has developed over the last 60 years.
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History tells us that developed countries have led the world in innovation; from the Industrial Revolution’s roots in Britain to the Information Age rising from Silicon Valley which have life as we know it possible. There’s a lingering misperception that developing countries are followers rather than leaders when it comes to technological development. Until now.
At a time when climate change is increasingly coming to the forefront of the media and political landscape, we are being reminded more than ever that we need to start living in a more sustainable way.