Smart Energy Islands - Opportunities to Tender


Smart Energy Islands is a £10.8 million project, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, to create an ambitious smart energy system that will provide a model to support the transition to low carbon sustainable communities.

It will be innovative in its scale and range of technologies, linking for example; rooftop solar panels, solar gardens, batteries, domestic heat pumps and electric vehicles through an Internet of things (IoT) platform.

Hitachi Europe Ltd. will lead the project and develop the IoT platform to manage electricity throughout the islands. It will balance supply, storage and demand, allowing the islands to scale up renewable generation and increase their energy independence.

Two UK smart energy companies Moxia Technologies and PassivSystems will help to deliver this as well as other partners who will be openly procured. Details of these procurements can be found by following the link.

Opportunity Title

Closing Date

Energy Consultant


Project Management and Construction Services


Design Services


Invitation to tender for Evaluation Consultancy Services on behalf of Hitachi Europe Limited

16:00 BST, 26/09/2017

Invitation to tender for Employment Services on behalf of Hitachi Europe Limited

15:00 BST, 22/11/2017