Social Innovation

There are lots of misconceptions about solar energy. Here we clear up the top 3 myths!
Discover how energy consumption from fossil fuels has changed across Europe over the last fifty years.
Here we bring new energy technology back to basics and tell the story of how a smart grid works through a simple analogy
History tells us that developed countries have led the world in innovation; from the Industrial Revolution’s roots in Britain to the Information Age rising from Silicon Valley which have life as we know it possible. There’s a lingering misperception that developing countries are followers rather than leaders when it comes to technological development. Until now.
COP21 has given new impetus to the fight against climate change, with every country signed up having to agree on their own binding targets and announce their tactics to reach them. So which countries are walking the walk, not just talking the talk, about the fight against climate change?
At a time when climate change is increasingly coming to the forefront of the media and political landscape, we are being reminded more than ever that we need to start living in a more sustainable way.
How can Social Innovation help to meet the challenges posed by growing demand for energy across the world?
Green roofs, or living roofs as they are sometimes known, are quite simply roofs that are partially or completely covered by vegetation, presenting a number of potential benefits. Why are they taking off now?